this is Sweden


this is Sweden is a multidisciplinary collective that works with issues of identity, nationality and migration from a creative platform.

The project was initiated by fashion designers and sibling duo Ana and Pablo Londono, in 2013.
Is a creative platform that challenges the notion of the Swedish identity by combining the stereotypical images of Swedish with elements from other parts of Sweden's cultural palette.
With design as an expression they explored the experience of being a racialised  person in Sweden and the desire to feel proud of a country rich in people from all parts of the world. The idea for the project grew out of concern for the organized racism that wins parliamentary ground in Europe. In half of the EU member countries there are racist parties represented and they are expected to grow even more.

this is Sweden has become a key figure in the movement towards a less-racist, more progressive Sweden. Since the start they collaborated with the foremost young creators in the music, design and fashion industry in Sweden and exhibited around the world, bringing the conversation of Sweden's future to a broad audience.