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Det kunde varit jag,

Det kunde varit jag,

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Det kunde varit jag
Sara Olausson - Felicia Iosif
Graphic novel
Paper back

In 2013, cartoonist Sara Olausson and her sonwalked by a Romanian begger. They started talking to each other, and finally Sara sits down next to the beggar, named Felicia.
Sara Olausson explains herself: "In October 2013 I met a new friend. Her name is Felicia. We came from different directions, she sat on the street with a cup in front of her, begging to survive, and I passed by among the "ordinary" people. We could not have dreamed that it would be like this, that all this could happen. This is a story about a Sweden who had to see poverty in the eye, about growing love and growing hate. This is the story of a year that changed my life and I could not keep quiet about it. Listen, because this is important. "