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DIY Kit - Bomber Edition

DIY Kit - Bomber Edition

299 SEK

If you want to customise your bomber jacket – this is the kit for you. The DIY Bomber kit contains all the elements to turn any bomber into a this is Sweden one. This means: the flag and QR code patches (typically applied to your upper right arm), the keychain for the left arm’s cigarette pocket zipper, and the neon yellow zipper puller. Plus three pins with the birch camo pattern to keep your creative juices flowing. If you believe in our fight and want to be a part of it, we want you to!

This pack contains:

1x Flag patch

1x QR code patch

1x this is Sweden keychain

1x Neon zipper puller

3x Camo pins

Safety pins for attachment

About The DIY Kit Series

this is Sweden series of DIY Kits are a gesture against hyper-consumption. We wanted to create a way for anyone who wants to participate in our cause to do so, without us adding to the unnecessary production of clothes* in the world. With this DIY kit, you can make anything you already have into a political statement.

*Plus, we kinda like the idea of hijacking existing garments.