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DIY Kit - Stencil Edition

DIY Kit - Stencil Edition

299 SEK

If you like to get your hands dirty – this is the kit for you. With this stencil and textile spray paint you can customise anything in an instant. We love this immediacy and the simplicity it gives to create a statement from anything in a matter of seconds. Plus, did you know humans have been stencilling since the Stone Age? We like that too.

This pack contains:

1x Raised fist stencil

1x Textile spray paint

1x Flag patch

1x QR code patch

Safety pins for attachment

this is Sweden DIY Kits are a gesture against hyper-consumption. We wanted to create a way for anyone who wants to participate in our cause to do so, without us adding to the unnecessary production of clothes* in the world. With this DIY kit, you can make anything you already have into a political statement.

*Plus, we kinda like the idea of hijacking existing garments.