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Uakari Ma-1 Bomber jacket

Uakari Ma-1 Bomber jacket

3500 SEK

Custom painted Ma-1 Bomber jacket.
Limited edition of 3 jackets, one in each size.
Gun metal grey with a hand painted Uakari on the back and a small face on the left front side.

The red faced Uakari (Cacajao calvus) is one of the most endangered monkeys in the Amazon Rainforest. The name ‘Uakari’ stems from an extinct tribe that inhabited the Amazon Rainforest many centuries ago. Habitat destruction and hunting continue to threaten this monkey and their numbers are ever-decreasing. Unfortunately, this is just a snapshot of the hundreds of threatened species of Amazon wildlife.

this is Swedens's MA-1 Bomber jacket features a fully reversible orange lining, knitted collar and ribbing.
100% nylon water repellent outer shell, poly fiberfill lining and 4 front slash pockets.
Two this is Sweden badges on right sleeve, central back artwork on lining confirming its authenticity as a custom made, limited edition jacket.
Classic flight jacket fit